Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Our journey usually starts with a cuppa and a chance for me to listen to your story so far. I love to then find out what your dreams and hopes are for your wedding day.

My wedding photography is as much about giving my clients a fantastic experience as it is about the images themselves. The cornerstone of my business has always been that great photography comes from having a great rapport with my clients.

I will try and cover here some of the frequently asked questions I get from clients.

Do you photograph the wedding?
Because I put so much emphasis on my rapport with my clients, I personally along with my team shoot every wedding we book. I am also the key designer when it comes to your wedding album. All our books and albums are custom designed for each wedding. It does mean that only one wedding can be booked on any given day. That together with the fact I only booking a limited number of weddings means that key dates are in high demand.

What style of photographer are you?
My style of photography is definitely modern, relaxed and natural but that’s not the whole story. I am a great believer that a professional photographer must be able to change style throughout the day. Certain parts of the day require a different style. My coverage of the Bridal preparations will be modern and informal with classic detail shots. Coverage of the ceremony will be respectful documentary. We will of course take formal family group shots but in a modern and relaxed style. We will then focus on taking some stunning iconic portraits of the bride and groom. All that, together with lovely candid moments throughout the day, helps capture that unique story of your wedding.

Where do you cover?
Being based in Falkirk I am handily placed to cover venues from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Stirling, Fife and Ayrshire but my clients have taken me all over the UK and distance is not a problem.

Do you stay for speeches?
We typically stay until your wedding meal is served but coverage can include staying for the dancing. We encourage our clients to consider having their speeches before dinner (which most couples are doing nowadays anyway) which means we get that part of the story captured in our standard coverage.

How long do you need for Photographs?
I appreciate that wedding photography is a big investment. I want to be able to give the best photography experience without taking over your day. The photo session after the ceremony would typically include a full group shot and family formals of the immediate family. This lasts around 30 minutes. I would then love to have a further 30mins +, with just the bride and groom, to use the location and create those iconic portraits. If you allow a 1 ½ hour window for photos then we can do all this with out rushing and be more relaxed about our photo sessions.

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